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Go Foraging - hunt down some Wild Garlic

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Never tried foraging? Nor had we!

But now is the time of year for tracking down Wild Garlic which is totally edible and can be used in several recipes. You can find it in hedgerows and along the verges of country lanes and it's often found alongside carpets of bluebells. The plant, native to UK, is also known as Bear Leek, Bear’s Garlic, Broad-leaved Garlic, Buckrams, Ramsons or Wood Garlic and can grow to heights of between 45 and 50 cm.

It's not too hard to identify as the leaves are quite long, glossy and pointy and it has lovely spikey white flowers. And it SMELLS of garlic, of course, when you get close. If you are at all unsure have a look on the interweb.

Up to now we've used it in salads and wraps but we're hoping to collect some more over the next few days and make some Wild Garlic Pesto! All you need is some olive oil, parmesan, a pinch of pepper/salt, lemon juice and a few pine-nuts perhaps.

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