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Zebra spotted outside Lichfield

Some of you may know that since retiring in 2013 I have become a very keen cyclist. I've had bikes of one type or another for most of my life - all have bestowed lasting memories. One of my most embarrassing moments on a bike (there have been a few) was when I misjudged the turn at my senior school on my first "racing bike" whilst collecting my A-Level results. I crashed into one of the brick piers supporting the entrance gate! Fortunately, both bike and rider were not damaged so badly that I couldn't ride home to share my news!

In the last 7 years I have been fortunate to complete some tremendous bike journeys across the globe - in Vietnam, Cambodia, Costa Rica, India, Tanzania, France, Holland, Belgium and last year in Patagonia (both Chile and Argentina). In every case, I have made new cycling "friends for life" from all points of the compass and met some remarkable people in the countries through which I've travelled. And I can now speak a little Spanish and Swahili....

Last year, somewhat closer to home, two cycling buddies and I completed the Hebridean Way - just us, our bikes and our panniers for two weeks. We cycled the length of the Western Isles of Scotland from south to north - 240miles, 10 islands, several ferry crossings, stunning landscapes, historical sites and homely BnBs - perfect. We thought we'd have a go in 2020.

So what's with the ZEBRA you may ask? Well, this year starting in May, we had planned to cycle the Caledonia Way and Mull, starting in Kintyre and finishing two weeks later in Inverness. Everything was meticulously planned. But we couldn't even start it - there's some sort of bug going round apparently! But that's not kept me off my bike, of course......

I went out yesterday along some of the highways and byways of east Staffordshire on a glorious day for cycling - and I came across this! A ZEBRA just outside Lichfield. Now, I saw oodles of zebras in Tanzania, so I know what I saw yesterday - but this one seemed to be way off it's usual migration route on the Serengeti!

Take Care Everyone,


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